International Communication

Do you want to experience early childhood education in America, Italy or other countries?
Do you want to travel with children during your holiday?
Do you want to experience foreign culture and delicious food with your family?
Do you want a foreign family to visit your home?

OTO Education and American OTO Education Group provide international educational exchange activities for children. Your family can have a short-term experience of traditions, food and lifestyles of different countries. Children can board in local kindergartens, live with the local children, and experience a different educational style while improving language and other skills. Many families still hesitate to immigrate. However, OTO international exchange programs allow you to experience living abroad in advance. OTO can also give your child a chance to adapt to the life in other countries and provide a full range of consulting and other services. Meanwhile, being visited by some foreign families will add some exotic flare to in your life, let you make friends from different countries at home and experience foreign family education.